fClan is a band formed by singer FredyclanDanielito Saoco, Yomar, DJ Nelly, Maurice and Falcon and was founded by Fredyclan in 2009. They sing, dance, and entertain: The COMPLETE PACKAGE.  Fredy and Papito are graduates of ENA (Cuba’s national school of arts) and ISA (The higher education institute for the arts) in Havana, Cuba; have tour with many shows such as "Lady Salsa", "The Bar at Buena Vista Social Club" and as ex-members of Carlos Manuel y su Clan.  FClan are internationally known who have travelled the world performing and teaching.  Last year alone they performed in Cuba, Tunisia, Turkey, Serbia, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Hungary, and France. Their song "Yo Soy Bueno (Bailar en Cuba)" was the number 1 in Cuba and on top of DJ charts in Europe and it was used to try to break the Guinness World Record for the largest Rueda de Casino in Havana, Cuba in December 2015. They provide live-performances of Cuban culture for a broad and international audience of all ages, genders and languages. FClan represents the new trends of modern Cuban music fused with the classical traditional styles. They entertain with urban and very danceable music like Bachata, Cubaton, Reggaeton, Latin House, Merengue and Timba.

fClan consisit of 7 members

2 singers/dancers (2 teach dance, FredyClan performs Afro Cuban folklore, 2 choreogranphers)
1 drummer, 1 percussionist, 1 keyboard/singer, 1 DJ

What can fClan do for me?
Live Urban Cuban music and dance concert
DJ your dance event
Afrocuban folklore dance presentations to live percussion
Teach all levels of dance workshops at a studio, congress or festival
Advanced private classes for dance instructors
Teach percussion for musicians and dancers
Choreographies for an event, dance company or school


fCLAN feat. Papito Chango      

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DOS FOUR (LEYDER CHAPMAN) Lead singer and song writer Leyder Chapman was born in Holguín, Eastern Cuba and raised in Havana. He left his family and career as a professional basketball player on the Cuban National Basketball team to pursue his American Dream.  Chapman's talent for performing started at a young age. Even though he excelled in athletics, he was always dedicated to his love for music and dance, and continued to develop his skills as a lyricist and composer. At the age of nine, he began performing in various talent groups in and out of school: dance troops; theater clubs; chorus; and playing percussion. He wrote his first song, "Yo Te Amo Verdad" at the age of fourteen.
When Chapman arrived in Oakland, California he able to fully commit his time to creating music. Music was Chapman’s true passion which moved him to found SAOCO, a band specializing in the fusion of Cuban rhythms with popular Reggaeton. It was at this time that Chapman’s name as a musical artist, Dos Four, was formed. SAOCO released their first CD, "La Farandula" in late 2005. In 2008 they released a follow-up album titled the “2nd Round.” Needing creative room to breathe and explore his own style, Dos Four re-arranged his focus onto his solo career and since 2008 he has released a number of albums such as "Ochanlayeo" in 2008, “Changana” in 2009, “El Original” in 2010, "Dos Mil y Una Tonga" in 2011, and "La Vida Real" in 2013. Dos Four is the lead Singer/Rapper as well as Composer, Arranger, Producer, and Lyricist. He has been inspired by many such as Candido Fabré, Los Van Van, Tego Calderon, Jay Z, Young Jeezy, and Tupac. Fusing Cuban style rhythms with the Urban beats is Leyder's way of honoring and staying connected to his home country of Cuba while also creating a new home here in the U.S. He enjoys sharing his music and talents with his fans and friends and his love and passion for music and his culture is what continues to drive him forward.


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In Chicago:

D' Cuba 5653 W. Fullerton, Chicago Phone (773) 237-0900

El Rinconcito Cubano
2328 W. Fullerton, Chicago Phone (773) 489-4440

Sabor a Cafe 12435 W Peterson Ave, Chicago 60659 Phone (773) 878-6327

Señor Pan 4612 W. Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60639
, Phone (773) 227-1020

Siboney  2165 N. Western Ave, Chicago, 60647 Phone (773) 276-8776

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